Nous transformons les paroles en actes : la manière dont nous travaillons avec...

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Our people make the difference. We aim to foster diversity and engagement among our employees.


Health & Safety

Safety comes first. Our work is never so urgent that we cannot take time to do things safely. We constantly work to improve out health and safety performance.



Honesty is the best policy. We provide our services with integrity and combat all forms of corruption.



The future depends on what we do today. We respect the environment and strive to reduce the footprint of our operations.


Value Chain

Quality at all levels. We work with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders up and down our value chain to ensure sustainability at all levels.



We achieve more together. We engage in a range of international initiatives and collaborate with partners to achieve sustainable development objectives.

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WE do

We encourage and support employees in reducing their personal environmental impact through our WE do initiative. Content coming soon.


Case study: Corvus energy

Before industrial sectors such as shipping can switch to cleaner fuels, they need absolute confidence the new products will work.