Feasibility Statement

Review and approve design documents for the Oceade™ 18 – 1.4 MW tidal turbines

The project
Alstom has been selected to supply four Oceade™ 18 – 1.4 MW tidal turbines to one of the world’s first tidal stream arrays in the Raz Blanchard, France. The turbine design is at the leading edge of advanced tidal technology, being an evolution of the 500 kW and 1 MW demonstrators tested at the European Marine Energy Centre, Scotland.

DNV has issued a ‘Statement of Feasibility’ as the first milestone in the process, involving a full risk assessment of the turbine and agreeing actions to mitigate the risk of failure.. DNV is using the industry recognised DNV-OSS-312 to certify the Oceade™ 18 - 1.4 MW tidal turbine.

DNV will now work with Alstom to review and approve design documents before heading towards the fabrication stage, including manufacturing quality and equipment testing and surveillance of the installation and commissioning. Final Prototype Certification of the turbine will follow the successful close out of the actions agreed during the Statement of Feasibility stage.

Rob Stevenson, vice-president, Ocean Energy of Alstom: “The Statement of Feasibility is the first milestone in delivering a high-performing safe and reliable tidal turbine for our customers. We look forward to continuing our journey with DNV to gain full Certification for the Oceade™ 18 - 1.4 MW.” 

Claudio Bittencourt, Renewables Certification UK: “DNV has worked with Alstom for many years and is now certifying the Oceade™ 18 - 1.4 MW tidal turbine. Issuing the DNV Statement of Feasibility is an important step demonstrating that Alstom is taking a responsible approach to managing risk and putting in place the foundation for a successful project. We are pleased to be working with and supporting Alstom in their commitment to tackling the technical challenges of the tidal industry."

Developing wave and tidal power generation 
The UK and France are continuing to lead the way in terms of the wave and tidal industry, with the initiation of this project demonstrating clear European market confidence in the Alstom design.

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